Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Overwhelmed by your kindness!

Thanks to all the readers who offerred such nice compliments on the shawl. I really appreciate them. But the real compliments should go to Miriam Felton who created this work of art. Thanks again, Miriam, for making it possible for an inexperience lace-knitter to make something so lovely.

So now what? I signed up for the Mystery Stole 2 KAL but I don't feel like making it right now. I will collect the clues and make it some other time.

I think it's sock and glove time, my friends. I have started a pair of gloves out of cashmere for my husband so I should work on them some. I also promised a pair of socks to one of my co-workers out of Trekking XXL. I also hve two skiens of Claudia Hand Paints Blue Terra Cotta waiting for me to decide what to make with them. I bought them for socks but I have decided that the yarn is simply too yummy to put into shoes. I want to make a lacey scarf. I'm thinking of Branching Out on the Knitty site but I'm not sure how that lace will look made from a variegated yarn. It's by Susan Pierce Lawrence, and I just now realize that I read her blog everyday. Small world.

You know what, I just went to the Claudia Hand Painted Yarns site and the picture of Blue Terra Cotta doesn't even faintly resemble the two skiens I have. What I have doesn't look like any of those samples. Here's the colorway of mine:

  • Deep, almost Black, Brown

  • Brown

  • Sienna

  • Bright Orange

  • Dark Red

  • Deep Merlot

  • Salmon

What's going on here? You know, I wondered why it was called "blue" terra cotta when there isn't a hint of blue in it! Oh, well. It doesn't matter because it is beautiful.

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Susan Wolcott said...

Kim: I was thinking this morning that you should enter the shawl in next year's ag expo. Of course, by then you will have done something grander. I'm going to be encouraging knitters to enter next year, so I'll be reminding you.

Re: socks. On Cast On's podcast this week, Brenda recommended a sock pattern in knitty that is toe up lace. I thought I'd do it for variety and because she really liked the heel. It's in the current issue and called Baudelaire. I'm going to "buy" some yarn today...want to knit along? You should also search knitty for the magic cast on in Sp06 issue.