Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lace Madness

I just purchased Miriam Felton's Mountain Peaks Shawl and Seraphim Shawl patterns. Now I have to decide whether to use the Sage JaggarSpun Zephyr for The Mystery Stole 2006 or one of these shawls. This fasination with lace reminds me of an old song by Jimmy Webb called Watermark.

How delicate the tracery of her fine lines,
Like the moonlight lace-tops of the evening pines.
Like a song half-heard through a closed door.
Like an old book when you cannot read the writing anymore.

I think it will be Mountain Peaks. It looks interesting. The stole is a lot of stockingette and Seraphim looks a lot like Icarus, which I just finished. I may start tonight.


margene said...

Have fun with Mountain Peaks. I'm dying to start both Seraphim and Icarus.

Emma said...

Love the new projects, the kimono colors are gorgeous!

I was hoping you could email me and let me know what kind of needles you used for Icarus. I've started mine with Addis, but I read some comments that suggested maybe that wasn't the best idea. Just hoping for some advice!