Friday, February 23, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

Here's our boy, Barney Fife, posing for a photo. He's scary-smart and loves to smooch. He can't get close enough to my face, would lay on my face if I would let him. He insists on sitting on my chest with his face about 1" from mine and doesn't want me to look at anything but him. He likes to smell my breath and would put his entire head in my mouth if I could open it wide enough.

We found him at the barn in July 2000 but not with the other barn cats. His foot pads had been burned and he had upper respitory distress. We gathered him up and took him to the vet then took him home and kept him in the master bed and bathroom until he was old enough for his feline leukemia test. Now he has the run of the house during the day but he still spends every night in the master bath because he tortures his older sister Nubbin so much that she spends all day in hiding and only comes out in the evening when Barney is put in the master bedroom and fed. He eats in there because he would eat ALL the food otherwise. So when we go to bed I put him in the bathroom with some treats where he has his own litter box, toys and TWO cat beds.

His hobbies include playing fetch with his fuzzy ball, annoying his two older sisters, sleeping, eating, and pooping. He'd like to send out a big smooch to all of you and smell your breath.

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Margaret said...

What is with that breath thing anyway? Barney is a cutie-pie and I'm sure he would love to play with my big ball-o-love Stratton