Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chutes and Ladders and Shiny Snow

I'm working on the Mitred U Baby Jacket by Megan Mills and I'm either getting sloppy or losing my ability to knit because I have ladders. I've never had a problem with ladders in the past and I don't know why I've suddenly developed this problem. Once I realized that I had a serious problem I started transferring stitches around on the needles so that the transition from one needle to the next wouldn't always be in the same place and it helped but it's too late. I don't think any amount of blocking is going to help this.

I'm going to have to frog because it just looks terrible. I couldn't possibly give this as a gift to someone. Yuck! Thank goodness it's just a baby jacket and not something huge.

The yarn is Claudia Handpaint in the Pink Cloud colorway. It looks washed out in the photo because of the glare off the snow. Speaking of snow, we have what looks like plastic snow here in Western Maryland. Here's some photo I took Friday afternoon from the front of our house.

I took this one Friday night. It's a long exposure so the car headlights seem to be stretched out but look at the glare of the lights off of that snow! It's very hard, you can walk on it if you can keep yourself upright. It's slicker than snot on a doorknob and hard as... well... hard as ice.

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Twisted Knitter said...

Beautiful snow!

So sorry about your baby jacket -- do you think the ladders would block out?