Monday, June 05, 2006

Work on the Icarus Shawl Continues...

Icarus at our local Minor League game.

Icarus in the grass.

I'm working on the shawl every chance I get but I'm not the fastest knitter in the world by any means. Yesterday Hubby and I went to the Suns game, they're our local minor league (single A) team. We go to most of the home games. It was a wonderful day. I know it looks cloudy in the photo but they were big white clouds with blue sky between. The heat wave ended on Friday night when thunder storms and hail swept through. I was beginning to despair that summer had come to stay. I HATE Maryland in the summer when the forecast, day after day, is hazy, hot, and humid.

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Anonymous said...

I notice you never mention hubby by name. Does he like his privacy?

Nice web did a great job!!