Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Knitting in Public

I knit in public a lot. I'm always dragging my knitting around here, there, and everywhere. So it's funny that I didn't get to participate in National (or World) Knit in Public Day. I didn't have to go anywhere so I stayed home and knitted until time to go to a wedding. I took the knitting along to the wedding but it was too crowded at the reception to knit.

But yesterday I was at the Mall waiting for a friend to show up. We were going to the movies and I had time to kill so I was knitting on a bench near the food court. Everyone ignored me except one very young couple. The man (hardly more than a teenager) walked over to me and asked if what I was doing was hard. I told him no, it wasn't hard at all. He said thanks and walked away with his female companion. I was left wondering what motived him to come over and ask me that question. He didn't ask me what I was doing as some people do. "Is that knitting or crocheting?" I get that one occasionally. He must have known what it was. Why was he interested and not his companion? Questions, questions.

I continue with Icarus. I still hope to finish by July 7 when the Mystery Stole begins.

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