Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Heavy Rains Douse Fire

Yesterday afternoon we received another 3 inches of rain, 2 of it in about 45 minutes. Even a barn full of smoldering hay couldn't stand up to that much rain. The cleanup will be begin today. Friends are coming in with heavy equipment to help move the debris. The metal from the vehicles and farm equipment will be sent to our local recycling center. I don't know what they will do with the rest of the debris. My husband and I talked about it last night and said that it was like loosing a family member and he agreed. We are in mourning. I can't imagine how people cope with this type of loss on a working farm.

On the knitting front, I crowed about my progress on Icarus a little too soon. I found a mistake and since I am obsessive compulsive I couldn't let it go. I ripped back to the lifeline I put in before I started Chart 2, removed the lifeline, and went back to the lifeline at the beginning of the last repeat of Chart 1. It hurt sooooo bad, but I had to do it. It couldn't be fixed (by me anyway) but just dropping back. I spent 2 hours trying. So I ripped!

This destroyed any chance I had of finishing this before July 7th. Oh well, I want to do it right so that I can truely be proud of my accomplishment and not see the mistakes every time I look at it.

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