Friday, June 02, 2006

Quick Update

We had a turkey in the back yard this morning when we got up. One lone tom who was just standing around preening. He finally wandered over to the neighbors. I guess he got tired of the sheep and wanted to hang with their goats for a while. The sheep aren't ours but they graze on our land in the summer.

I am endevouring to persevere on the Icarus Shawl. Thank god for lifelines! I've been back to the same one three times now. I keep making stupid mistakes due to lack of attentiveness. If I can knit 5 rows without a mistake I swear I will add another lifeline. Maybe then I can make a little progress.

We have been given the opportunity to buy a pair of alpacas at a very reasonable price. Some aquaintenses bought a winter home in Florida and have decided to downsize their herd. They are a registered male and female and she is preggers. We are still considering it: trying to figure out if we want to go in the alpaca business.

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