Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why am I obsessed?

It's like a fever or an addiction. When I'm not knitting all I can think about is knitting. I'm in it's clutches right now but I know from experience that it will fade. I've been here before and it always eases up and is replaced (temporarily) by some other obsession.

But never the less I still question it's hold on me. Why can I concentrate on nothing else? I think part of the reason may be the fact that I have finished a few things and am wearing and enjoying them. That makes me want to make more things that I can wear and enjoy. Smaller projects that can be completed in a short time are what I making right now. Shawls, shrugs, stoles, scarves, socks. God, they all start with an "s". What does that mean? Is it a "s"ign?

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