Saturday, May 20, 2006

I finally got an iPod!!!

I created this blog last Friday, May 12, 2006, and I have been looking at other blogs all week. I was interested in podcast but had no way to listen to them other than with the laptop. I got to thinking about an mp3 player. I have wanted one for a long time but never really had a good reason to get one other than plain old desire. I am a geek girl, after all. Then on Wednesday I read a mention of video podcast for knitting and I decided that the time had come. I needed an mp3 player right away.

I should stop and say that my boss is the one who got me started on this. I work for a local government IT department and my boss assigned me to get up-to-date on blogs and podcast in case the county commissioners decided that they might want to move in that direction. He bought me a couple books and sent me on my merry way. Two weeks later and here I am!

So anyway, back to the mp3 player. When I decided I must have one on Wednesday afternoon I started doing some research. Though I have never had much experience with Apple products (except back at the dawn of personal computers when they were the only game in town) I quickly decided that an iPod was the way to go. It has the most accessories and seems to be the one most likely to be around for a while. The price was outrageous but Circuit City had the 30g video model on sale for $284. When my husdand called later that afternoon I casually mentioned that I would like to go to Circuit City and "look" at the iPods. To my amazement he didn't put up much of a fight. Perhap he already sensed that resistance would be futile.

As you already know "looking" turned into "buying". I am stunned at how little actually comes with this thing. Apple must rely on the sales of accessories to make the bulk of their money. The only accessory I bought was a decent case since I heard that they scratch easily and I didn't want anything to mar this sleek black and chrome beauty.

Not being a genXer, I has taken me a while to get familiar with the controls and techniques but I am downloading podcasts left and right. One that have particularly enjoyed is Pointy Sticks. She mixes knitting information and stories with really good musical selections. I totally enjoyed the two I listened to yesterday.

Now, if you will excuse me I must go search for more podcasts.

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