Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SIL Socks

I'm finishing up a pair of socks for my sister-in-law and I thought I would post a few photos. This pair is kind of a Frankenstein's monster of different patterns. I started with Wendy's Generic Toe-Up Pattern (which I love!) , then I found a reference to a sl2wyf (slip 2 with yarn in front) technique and thought that might work for the leg portion. The cuff is hemmed with a picot edge. Does anyone know a good technique for doing that on a toe-up sock? I love the simplicity of it on a top-down sock but it's really fiddly on a toe-up.
I also have a question about the short-row heels. Wendy's version works very well for me but the two sides look very different. I wanted to know if this is normal or am I doing it wrong?

If you look at the photos to the left you can see each side of the heel. One is nearly invisible and the other is rather bumpy. It doesn't feel bumpy, in fact they are both very smooth and comfortable. They just look so very different and I wanted to be sure that I was doing them right.

Here's the vital statistics:
Pattern: mostly Wendy's
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the Water colorway (yumm!)
Needles: US#0/2.25mm Inox

I made the legs short so they will be good for summer wear with shorts.

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