Friday, January 05, 2007

Finished Objects

Happy New Year and pass the decongestant. Christmas was great but I came down with a nasty head cold on New Year's Eve. I'm still fighting it with no dicernable improvement. I did manage to knit while I was off over the holidays and even after the cold hit. I finished the toe-up socks made using Wendy's Generic Toe-Up Instructions.

The yarn is Fleece Artist Hand Dyed Merino 2/6 in a peacock colorway. There wasn't a name or dyelot on the tag. This was my first time using this brand and it was wonderful to work with.

I really like this pattern because it works for my size foot without any fiddling necessary. I cast on 64 and go to town.The heel usually works out well for me. If I pay close attention when I begin the heel I don't end up with big holes at the end. Keeping the tension even and sort of tight is the key for me.

Here is the heel of my first Koigu sock made using Wendy's Feather and Fan Pattern. I definitely love the Koigu.

Here they are being modeled
by me.

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