Thursday, September 14, 2006

We Call Them Pirates!

I swear, I had no choice. When I saw the link on Stitch-n-Sue's blog I had to click it. When I saw the pattern I had to print it. I knew that I had just found the perfect Christmas gift for one of my teenage nephews. I left work and went straight to my LYS, Y2Knit and bought some wool. Susan doesn't have Dale of Norway so I have Zara and and GGH Maxima, both fine merino, both machine washable.
There are even matching mittens. What teenage boy doesn't like skulls? Trouble is, I have two teenage nephews (brothers) and both are skiers. I am thinking about doing another one with a white background and black skulls or maybe I'll abandon the black and white scheme altogether and go wild! Flourecent green and orange! Thanks so much to Hello Yarn for the pattern.

I've stopped temporarily on Mountain Peaks by Miriam Felton to work on this hat. But I was making amazing progress when I stopped. I'm over halfway through Chart 2 despite having to rip back past my last lifeline to fix a mistake at the end of Chart 1. I love this pattern so much. The yarn is Jaggerspun Zephyr in Sage. I picked up a ball of Zephyr in Peacock on sale a Susan's. It's 875yds. I need to find a pattern for it.

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