Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fir Cone Wrapette and Other News

Here is a very bad photo of the wrapette I am working on at lunchtime. It is destined to be a Christmas present for my 8-year old niece.

The pattern is a cutdown version of the Fir Cone Wrap from Wendy of Wendy Knits. I made it about half as wide, casting on 57 stitches as opposed to 117. I didn't cut down the border (k8) because I felt that it would need a stable border to stand up to the wear and tear of a third-grader. When blocked I think it will be fine for an 8-year-old.

The yarn is Fortissima Colori Socka Color (Disco). It's hard to tell from the photo but it has silver sparkles in it.

This is an easy lunchtime project, with an easily memorized 16 row chart. Thanks, Wendy, for sharing this with us.

I'm also making great progress on the Mountain Peaks Shawl by Miriam Felton. I just started Chart 2, which is such a relief after 3 repeats of Chart 1 with the wrong-side rows of lace. I found those p2togtbl to be a pain. Thank goodness the rows were short for most of Chart 1. I love this shawl though and am really looking forward to finishing it.

I read many blogs everyday, one being Smatterings. I lust after Judy's yarn. I want some of it so bad that it hurts. I emailed her and asked whether she was going to be at Stitches East since that is the only yarn event I'm going to this year, but she said no. I guess I'll just have to save up some money and order some online. I have a deep aching need to make a shawl out of Blueberry. Ahhh, maybe someday.

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Lolly said...

The wrap you are working up is so pretty!!