Thursday, August 24, 2006

A nearly finished object and "The Phone Call"

First the nearly finished object. It is the Moss Stitch Scarf by Cathy Payson, a simple, lovely little scarf. The pattern was in the little booklet that was included in the lastest IK.

See the label? Divine by Skacel. Have you touched this yarn? Have you knit with it? It was not idlely named "Divine". Take a look at the other side of the label.

Yes, that's 70% baby alpaca, 20% silk, and 10% cashmere. It is like knitting with a warm, gentle breeze. This is a Christmas present for someone who, I hope, doesn't read my blog. I picked up the yarn at my lys, Y2Knit.

Now for the unpleasant part of this post. It's really a rant and I'm sorry but this has really bothered me and I need to talk about it.

"The Phone Call"

I work for a county IT Dept. We're a small operation of 11 talented people who handle all the technical aspects of county government. I am the web master (mistress, goddess). Since I am in the office almost all the time while my coworkers are often not, I usually answer the phone. We are so streamlined that we don't have a secretary or office associate. If the phone rings 3 times someone will pick it up.

My boss is a very busy man and I don't like to disturb him with annoying phone calls. Most of the calls for him are salesmen trying to pitch this, that or the other thing. I weed them out by asking a few questions.

Salesman: May I speak to (the boss)?
Me: I'll see if he is in. May I ask who is calling?
Salesman: My name is Joe Blow.
Me: ...and you are with...?
Salesman: Any Company
Me: ...and are you returning a call of his?
Salesman: Yes. (pause) Well, no I'm following up on an email I sent him.
Me: Is this a sales call?
Salesman: Well...I want to aquant him with our latest produ...
Me: I'm sorry. We don't take sales call. Please remove us from your calling list. Click

Blunt, I know. But I don't want to waste their time by letting them go into a long sales pitch. Better to cut them off at the pass so they can move on to some other unfortunate potential customer.

A couple weeks ago I answered the phone and started into this routine but things took a a strange turn.

Salesman (who will henceforth be referred to as A-hole): Let me speak to (the boss).
Me: I'll see if he is in. May I ask who is calling?
A-hole: Danny Something-mumbled
Me: ...and you are with...?
A-hole: Just put him on the phone.
Me: Not until you answer my question.
A-hole: Just transfer my call!
Me: Click

I told everyone about this strange call at lunch and we had a good laugh. I didn't think about it again until yesterday when he called again. I was getting ready to eat lunch so I put him on speakerphone.

A-hole: Let me speak to (the boss).
Me: I'll see if he is in. May I ask who is calling?
A-hole: Danny Something-mumbled
Me (with a feeling of deja vu): ...and you are with...?
A-hole: Just put him on the phone.
Me (sure now): That's not how it works.
A-hole: Go f**k yourself, C**t! Click

Unfornutately, his number was blocked. It is my fondest desire that he will call again. This time he will be transferred straight to the boss or any handy male posing as the boss, who will find out who he is, where he works, and what he wants. Then his ass is mine! Bwaahaha!

I feel better just thinking about it. The "go f**k yourself" part of his statement was disturbing. I don't usually talk like that and I don't expect anyone to talk to me like that. But when he called me a c**t, that crossed a line that can never be uncrossed. In my opinion, that word is the ultimate bad word, it is unforgivable. No one has ever aimed that word at me (at least to my face). I was stunned, speachless. I turned to a coworker and asked if he heard what that "man" (term used loosely) just said to me. He couldn't believe it either.

The A-hole may never call back. Goodness knows he certainly burned that bridge, rickety as it was. But I sure hope he does. Man, do I hope he does!


Teri S. said...

He most certainly did cross a line! That is unprofessional behavior, to say the least. And the use of the c-word hits deep (I was called an "ugly c***t" once by a kid who was about 11 years old; it was very disturbing).

The scarf is great! I like the color. Susan recommended Divine for a scarf for my husband and I might just take her up on it. got a book in your IK? I didn't. I wonder why?

Hilary said...

Wow, what a completely unpleasant experience. What a jerk.

On a more positive note, what beautiful knitting! I love the scarf, and the socks ... really beautiful.

And thank you for your kind comments!

Helen said...

My aunt used to work in a doctors' office and they got some obscene calls from time to time: she would put them on speakerphone and ask them daft questions until they hung up. I really admire her nerve; it's a vile experience. You did well.