Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - Part II

before1I went to my beautician to have my remaining hair buzzed off last night. Here's a front view of the hair that was left after my first chemo treatment. It was driving me nuts under my hats. It was itchy and being pressed down in unnatural directions was making my scalp hurt.
before2Here's the back view. Lovely, isn't it?

First Linda Sue gave me a Mohawk because, really, how many opportunities does a straight-laced, white bread girl like me get to see herself in a Mohawk? It would have looked better if my hair had been thicker but of course it wasn't or we wouldn't be doing this in the first place.

mohawkNext she shaved off the top of the Mohawk and left me with some weird Hare Krishna type look.
Then she really got down to the job at hand and shaved it using a series of blades until there was just stubble left. The stubble is like velcro and sticks to all my hats and scarves. It should soon fall out though because my next chemo is on Monday.

After a lot of buzzing I finally ended up with the look I was after. I give you - Uncle Fester. Some black shadow around the eye and a black coat and I'm ready for Halloween.


Then we really got silly and Linda Sue gave me a wig that I could use if I wanted but it's really not me. Wouldn't you agree?


I'm going to order a wig from her that fits me better and looks more like my own hair. I know, I know, what's the fun in that?


Janis said...

Hilarious! Who knew of the stylin' potential that getting chemo can produce?

And, yeah, that curly blonde wig is so definitely not you.

Margaret said...

Hey, but maybe a blonde wig could come in handy on chemo-brain days?

kathy in juneau said...


I can't figure out how I've missed these last two posts until now. (I'm terribly behind in blog reading, but you've been on my mind!)

What a great attitude you have! Your sense of humor will serve you well in the weeks ahead!!

Hooray for a clear sentinel node!!!!!

Thinking of you ...