Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sock Knitting Continues...

I finished another pair of adult socks. These are Pillars of Fire from the Loopy Ewe Sock Club Summer 2008. The yarn is Wollmeise Sockenwolle 100% Superwash and if you haven't experienced this yarn I suggest you run, don't walk, to your computer and try to find a skein. It's not real easy to find though so think of it as big game hunting, big yarn hunting. The Loopy Ewe carries it but it's usually sold out. The lady who dyes the yarn is in Germany and does all the work herself I think, so it's thin on the ground.

If you go to her website you'll see that she shares it with her husband who's in the wrought iron business. I love that combination, iron and wool. It's like a place near here called Rudy's Welding Service and Cold Beer (seriously, go look at the photo, I love the description under it).

But back to the socks. I wound the yarn the night it arrived and started the next day. I don't usually jump right on sock club kits when they arrive. I've got some from last year still in my stash. But I've been trying to get some Wollmeise for a while and when I saw it in the kit I started screaming "Wollmeise, Wollmeise!" (you have to pity my poor husband and cats). I bought a skein last year from the Loopy Ewe but I didn't like the colorway (Drachenblut) and recently traded it to aliseknits (Ravelry ID) for some leftover sock yarn to make baby socks. This yarn, on the other hand, is gorgeous. It's also called Pillars of Fire.

Now that these are done, I can go back to the Green Appletini socks from the spring sock club kit. This is another one that I started right away because the yarn is so pretty. It's by Yarntini and it's 50/50 merino/tencel, one of my favorite combinations. I have one finished and another ready for the gusset.

The gusset worked out very nice and the short row heel is my favorite. It knits up quickly and looks very neat when finished.

Isn't the yarn beautiful? The tencel gives it a little shine. And how about those tight little cables? Aren't they cute? They're only four stitches so they're easy to do without a cable needle. Sheri at the Loopy Ewe really does a great job putting these sock club kits together. She has excellent taste in yarn!

In other news, my friends and I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and we had a blast.

The Action photo taken before we left from my house. My poor, long suffering husband took these two photos.

The Normal pose. We are, from left to right, Janis, Me, Marge, Audrey, Terry, and Jane. WE ARE KNITTERS!.


Janis said...

Excellent photos! Gorgeous socks! And what a fine bunch of knitter pals, if I do say!

My only complaint? How come ya didn't give your (ahem) local knitter pals a shot at that Wollmeise before bartering it elsewhere? Some of us might have a thing or two in our own stash.... but I'm sure you had your reasons, and besides, not every Wollmeise colorway is a winner or you wouldn't have traded your skein.

Anyway, fab post that combines yarns, socks, welding, wool, beer, and wrought iron. Oh, and Charlie's Angels - aka the Action pose. :-D

Alison Boon said...

The colours are inspiring. I couldn't resist knitting with such lovley yarn

Maggie Rumpca said...

Hey, my name is Maggie----hopefully you remember me from Kelly's sock-knitting blog Sockin' It To Maggie? Anyway, I'm feeling much better, treatments are almost over, and my fall/winter was much, much better with all the socks I received from people around the world. I wanted to send a thank you, a personal one, and for that to happen, I would greatly appreciate a picture or description of and all socks you sent me. You deserve a great thanks, and I'd love to give it, with a little bit of help.

You can email the info to me at I tried your email, but it wasn't working. Hope you don't mind this long comment.

Thank you so much again,