Monday, February 04, 2008

A Friend in the News

Susan Wolcott, the owner of my lys, Y2Knit, was recently contacted by a journalist from U.S. News and World Report about a story. It's a series their doing about people who have left successful careers to start a new career doing something they love. Susan has no idea how they found her but agreed to do the article. They even sent a photographer to Funkstown to take her photo (which doesn't appear in the on-line story).

Here's the link to the Story.

Susan has become a good friend since teaching me how to knit and since the shop is only an easy bike-ride from my house, I spend too much time (and money :^P) there. Here's a photo of Susan and I on the front porch of her shop/home knitting while we watch a street skirmish during the re-enactment of the Battle of Funkstown (Civil War).

And here's a photo of the shop that I took at Christmas two years ago. It's beautiful old home that used to be an antique shop before it was a yarn shop.

Congratulations to Susan for making a success of her new career. I know I'm certainly glad she made the decision to change her life and move to Funkstown. I would have never learned to knit and I wouldn't have all the friends I've made, both online and through the shop. Susan didn't just change her life for the better, she also changed mine.


Margaret said...

What a nice article about Susan and the shop! I know I enjoyed the time I spent there last year, and joining the knitting group for a few weeks!

Janis said...

Thanks for this post, Kim, and for expressing so well the appreciation that I also share for Susan. She has made a difference in my life, too! When I take the time to reflect on the people I've met, the friends I've made, the new experiences - all thanks to Susan - it is really amazing. Now take those experiences and think about the 5,000 other customers of Y2Knit.... it staggers the mind!