Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Next New Thing

I buy two Vogue magazines each year, the big spring and fall issues. I'm not a slave to fashion but I like to see what the trends are especially in knitwear. One of the latest trends had left me baffled.
Toe-less knee socks.

Have you seen these things? They have a heel and gusset and a band of ribbing and that's it. They come to an abrupt halt about halfway down the instep. They were everywhere in the fall issue. Usually two tone though I did see some solids.

Here's a link to the page where I found this photo. You have to scroll down to read about the socks. If you scroll down a little farther you'll see a blurb about fingerless gloves.

I guess this year's fashion statement is frostbitten toes and fingers.


kathy in juneau said...

Odd .. and knitting the toes is my favorite part .. :)

Margaret said...

Completely. Speechless.

Beth S. said...

I spy with my little eye... the return of the legwarmer. *shudder*