Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm off to the Ball

The Grand Hallows Ball, that is! My boss let me take some vacation time to go stand in line at Borders this morning to get my wrist band for tonight's party. I waited until 45 minutes after they started handing them out and I still had to stand in line outside the store for about an hour. Fortunately the weather has taken a delightful turn here and except for the a sunburn on the back of my neck I faired very well. Any other day this week would have made this task torture since the heat and humidity were unbearable.

I took a side in the Great Snape Debate as well. I trust Snape. If Dumbledore trusted him who am I to argue?

So tonight, after KnitFlix, Doug and I will be at Borders partying with the Potter fans. I hope you have fun at your Grand Hallows Ball, too!

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